This site is about the small and medium enterprises, more precisely as MSE’s in the Ethiopia and their development in the business information services. Our focus is also with the private sectors to grab the information regarding the business services which may help in getting the proper guidance and counseling and helps in the economic growth.

Basically, a small scale enterprise is any organization with limited number of staff working and thus has fewer sales. These are mostly privately owned organizations. The size and the production may vary according to the kind of business involved. So some slight bigger size may treated as the medium scale enterprise while a good size company with large turnover may be treated as the large scale enterprise.

Well the sme’s are the asset in any economy and counts a lot in the overall growth and profit in the local market. Also they play a crucial part to produce a big amount for the tax revenues, maintaining stability in the economy and a better infrastructure. Most important factor is that these small sectors are the bigger help to generate the job and create employment in the market. So they are the driving force for the sustainable growth of the economy. But apart from all these benefits, this sector is sometimes ignored because of so many risks involved in it. Like less profit and uncertainty in the growth.

There are three pillars for any organization to sustain. The first in it is the finance part that is indispensable to run any enterprise. And an adequate financing requires maintaining a flawless running of any enterprise. But for any good and efficient enterprise, only the capital amount is not enough to sustain and grow, Business development services also play a major part in it to manage the finance. This department provides the expertise and tools to enable any enterprise to compete and sustain with the corresponding rivals running in the market. The last pillar is the market where we have to achieve a global reach. This is because we can’t grow if restricted only towards the domestic markets with the limited options available and no creative and innovative idea to apply. So broad access to the various markets is required to provide a larger expansion to any enterprise and in turn long-term growth with the other related benefits as well. All of these points are very crucial as the upliftment of the small and medium scale enterprises is a big necessity for any economy to grow with the positive outputs.