Ethiopia has a very fast growing economy, being a very populous country of the Africa. The agriculture   counts the maximum part for the economy. Well, manufacturing is of only 4% count for the participation, where food and beverage sector contributes the 40 percent of it. The leather and the textile sector also has a great impact on the economy, especially the leather industry has more value in the export market, even in world of gambling, export is being done for the mat used on the table. This post is an attempt to highlight this powerful sector that is working a lot for the economy of the Ethiopia and giving it the wings to flourish more.

When talk of leather, the first thing came into mind are the luxurious leather shoes. It believed to be initiated from the Italian people and now turned out as a broad sector with so many opportunities now available for the employment. The sheep and goat skins are the major source for making the leather products, and specially the shoe upper. The main reason for adopting these specific skin stuff is because of their superior quality and the global acceptance. The leather sector has shown a remarkable increase from last few years. From the overall total population, the leather industry counts about 6% of the total employment of the manufacturing sector. The impact of the leather and the entire leather industry can be observed from the fact that how much it contributes to the gross domestic growth of the economy and also the national income. The local leather sector contributes a lot as the job for the people and as a big source of income via the export at the global market.

The export has a wide impact and because of this now days people cannot differentiate between the product of the local market and one which has been exported from outside. Like the products being widely exported to the China market and highly accepted their because of the quality and such kind of global reach in the international market giving a lot to make a profitable economy. The China has also a significant impact on the Ethiopia’s leather sector and it made a broad chain for the foreign trade. Also as compared to china the Ethiopia’s leather industry is less efficient. There is a need of technology advancement and some improvements which will certainly brought this economy on the top.