As for suppliers of online casino games, Microgaming is a benchmark within the industry. His graphics, animations, and themes, together with his career, have allowed him to reap successes in the video games market all over the world.

Based in the Isle of Man, a branch of the British crown, Microgaming currently supplies most of the games to the operators of the global website. His first online casino game – the first in history – came out in 1994, becoming a hit every once in a while.

Just ten years later, the company created its first mobile casino, consolidating against its competitors; being Playtech the strongest to the present. However, this has not prevented Microgaming from losing its leadership, because its strength lies in the variety of its products.

Thus, within its casino products are Casino Poker, Bingo, Live Dealer and Quickfire. Adventure and action games like The Home of Avalon, Thunderstrock, Dragonz and other epic feats that join the enthusiasm of their fans and become authentic box office records.

The network of progressive jackpot slot machines owned by Microgaming is the largest in the world, and to date, it has paid more than 848 million euros. So good has been his pay streak, which is 2015 set a world record for the most substantial prize in a game of chance. The figure, more than 17 million euros, was given to a player from Betway, in the United Kingdom.

Even so, the numbers are not as important in Microgaming as the quality of their games. Operators and players have the maximum guarantee of receiving updated software with modern interfaces and without error margins.

With this premise, the company manufactures slot games of fair and responsible standards, which extends its popularity within online platforms that add users every day that happens to the other. The good preparation characterizes them, and they use that to win the enthusiasm of their users.

Microgaming recognizes that a slots player – in land or online casinos – always looks for jackpots. Some of their slots provide fair and abundant rewards, but the following three that are mentioned below, bear the baton as far as payments are concerned.

Jurassic Park

There is nothing of this game that does not impress. From its striking graphics, visual effects and music create an enveloping atmosphere that increases with its pay tables and the profits it leaves. All these reasons, together, arouse an enthusiasm little seen in the slots, especially those that are practiced online.

Based on the famous series by Steven Spielberg, the icons are easy to relate and the legendary aspect of the dinosaurs emulates in the correct way the effects used by the filmmaker in his films. Also, the characters depicted in the rollers are the characteristic dinosaurs that make up the plot of the renowned park.

The complement between image and payments creates a substantial dynamic for users. Throughout the game there are 243 ways to win; creating the combinations of the symbols will determine how much and how often. Jurassic Park is likely to pay up to 96%.

Another reason that makes this game one of the favorites is its bonus round. In addition to being generous, it is repeated frequently and increases the credit and enthusiasm of the players. One of the modes, called T-Rex, is activated randomly by generating wildcards that are used in each roll and increase the chances of winning.

This function lasts for six turns, but it is not the only one that appears during the game. In fact, it is very likely that as the rounds advance, they will find the Tiranosaurio Rex bonus – which grants quick turns. So, each bonus – which will have the name of a Jurassic Park character – will provide multipliers, accumulators of money, among other benefits.

The lucky goblin

Clovers and elves are such an easy image to relate that many slot machine developers take advantage of this identification to create their software with the well-known Irish figures. This game, striking and with a vast presence of green, is a favorite among the players of Microgaming.

With the most original icons of the emerald island and vivacious melodies, to start in “The lucky goblin” can truly make the punters feel the stroke of luck. Round after round, the movement of the rollers reflects the 96% chance rate that this game accumulates.

Each of these online slots has 20 payment lines, therefore, the combinations result in important amounts that make their users happy and encourage them to continue gambling from the comfort of their homes.

On the other hand, wildcards are so common that it helps to improve regular payments and get much more credit from the game. The clover that represents the bonuses also appears as dispersion movement and with rewards that include free throws, from five to ten consecutive times.

Bonuses are activated, usually that of Trail O’Fortune. During this, the emerald symbols that cover the rollers, create a rainbow that can increase the multiplier to 1000.

Immortal romance

The themes of romantic air also gained popularity in the slots, and when the vampires came into action, Microgaming could not miss the opportunity to create games of themes that include the impossible love between mortals and vampires.

In the style of Twilight, this machine not only leaves sighing to its players but also has payment rates of 96.8%, making it another feasible option for the bettors of Microgaming.

The story of Michael and Sarah – characters from the slot machine – develops interesting features that players can discover as the rounds progress. There are bonuses, multipliers, and jokers that help make the experience an abundant succession of credits, which can double the initial bet of a person.

The scatter symbols, in this case, will advance the player to the “Camera of Turns”. Initially, there will be 10 consecutive free throws, with extras that include rolling reels – to multiply the gain – and other features that transform random symbols into game jokers.

There are a lot of qualities on which this game builds its fame and maintains popularity and interest. However, for Microgaming, the greatest success was to involve a theme that identifies thousands of fans around the world.

In the dynamic realm of online casino gaming, Microgaming stands as a colossus, its influence sprawling and profound. This company, a true pioneer in its field, has not only excelled in game development and technology but also established new benchmarks in ethical gaming and player security. As a founding member of eCOGRA, Microgaming has played a pivotal role in shaping responsible gaming practices, earning unwavering trust from both players and operators.

The year 2002 marked a significant milestone for Microgaming with the launch of Viper software. This was not just an upgrade; it was a revolution in gaming technology. Features like auto-play, advanced game statistics, and a strategy interface transformed the user experience, making it richer and more engaging. And Microgaming didn’t stop there. Their relentless pursuit of innovation has led them to integrate cutting-edge technologies such as augmented and virtual reality into their games, keeping them at the forefront of the industry.

Imagine a library with over 800 unique games and an additional 1,200 variations – that’s Microgaming’s vast arsenal. They cater to an eclectic array of tastes, offering everything from timeless classics like blackjack and roulette to cutting-edge video slots and even the exotic Sic Bo. This ever-expanding collection, constantly infused with fresh and innovative titles, ensures that Microgaming stays in step with, if not ahead of, evolving market trends and player preferences.

Microgaming’s impact in the world of progressive jackpots is nothing short of legendary. Their network, the largest globally, has doled out over €1 billion, with games like Mega Moolah becoming synonymous with life-changing wins. This jackpot network does more than just pay out; it stirs excitement, draws a diverse player base, and contributes significantly to the company’s mystique and allure.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of gaming, Microgaming shows a deep commitment to social responsibility. Their PlayItForward initiative, focusing on health, sport, and education within their Isle of Man community, highlights a corporate conscience that transcends mere profit-making. This program has not only positively impacted their community but also enhanced Microgaming’s corporate image, fostering deeper connections with their audience.

Lastly, Microgaming’s growth is also fueled by strategic partnerships. Collaborating with top gaming studios and making their games available across multiple platforms has broadened their reach significantly. These partnerships have enabled Microgaming to diversify their game offerings and appeal to a wider, more varied audience.

To encapsulate, Microgaming’s towering presence in the online casino industry is a tapestry woven from continuous innovation, steadfast commitment to security and ethical gaming, a rich and varied game library, record-breaking jackpots, a genuine dedication to social responsibility, and strategic partnerships. These elements intertwine to solidify Microgaming’s status as a revered and trusted leader in the world of online gaming.