Online slots machine gambling has grown in popularity. Online slot machine gaming has become a very popular option for gamblers.

8 Ball – This classic 3-reel single-payline slot features one payline. This symbol is a symbol of a pool ball. Each ball has its number. If the jackpot prize goes up, it will be increased. Maximum prize: 2,000x wager line You must hit the payline with three identical numbers to win. The reels have no blanks, so the pay line only hits three balls. 8 Ball can be bet a maximum of 2 coins and has many denominations. 25c is the minimum bet. Maximize bets are only 50c.

If you place your maximum wager, the top prize in 8 Ball is 2,000 coins. This prize is possible by hitting three 8 balls on the payline. If you play with just one coin, 1000 coins will be yours. After the jackpot, it drops to 200 coins. The prize amount drops from 140 coins to 160 coins after the jackpot. This game can be played online at Playtech casino. You could also win as much as $20,000.

Alien Alert – Alien Alert is available online in two formats. You can view the entire game from a close-up. The second option allows you to view the entire game from a distance. Alien Alert is a classic video slot machine with 3 reels and one pay line. This slot machine features an outer-space theme. This game features satellites, aliens, and other items like spaceships. This game can be played with any denomination. The maximum bet is three coins. Nickel is the lowest bet, while five dollars is the maximum. You can change the size of the coins without exiting the game. If you have three aliens on the payline, there are 8 winning combinations. The maximum payout is 4000 coins if one of the three aliens is on the payline. The game does not have a wild symbol. Alien Alert pays 600 Coins, with the maximum bet the highest payout. This game can be played online at casino sites such as Bet 365 and Bet Fred.