In this post I am going to tell you about the Ethiopia’s food processing sector. It is a very fast growing sector in the Ethiopia and contributes a lot in the global economy. In Ethiopia the food factories product included frozen food, meat, pasteurized milk, cheese, butter, vegetables, fresh fruits, vegetable, edible and crude oil, bakery products, macaroni and sugar etc. these are the main products which generally made and satisfied the product quality.

The largest food production industries in Ethiopia are bakery, meat, sugar, fruit and vegetables. 48% of the sugar industry and 36% of whole processing factor generates the revenue. The economic development in performance of Ethiopia registered in last few years growing very well average annually. This is because of the strategies and best development plans and policies of the Ethiopia’s Government. They are applying the maximum effort and support to the industries and to make it top processing manufacturing industry.

The Government of Ethiopia provides huge opportunities in every sector and industry to growth in sub-sector. Instead of potential of agro food processing sourcing to grow and satisfy the processing demand and facing the challenges due to the many other resources like quality of raw product, technical skills and productivity. The ministry of Ethiopia government and non-government has joined together for the development plan.

The aim of the Government of Ethiopia is the development of the all industries such as textile, leather, casinos by which they can generate the better revenue for more developing. AAIFPP (Africa alliance for improvement food processing project) project played a best role in the development of the food industry. The Ethiopia government has started an event as the Food Security Programme providing the protective measures at the industrial reach of the food products. This Programme has the aim to increase the preservation and the processing of the food products at the different levels by monitoring the current market trends and the available possibilities. Also the business opportunities for the foreign countries is also an important factor for the food products and the processing factories for different kinds of the food materials including   fortified foods, packaged foods and also the regular foods. They may vary from the new and small scale processing and the various storage technologies employed.