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Year of Establishment   1995


Current Operational Area (s)


Southern Region




Addis Ababa



Total Number clients served so far

Above 163,000


Total Number of Branches Opened so far:  29


Loan types:

Short-term loan

Medium-term loan

Overdraft loan

Merchandise loan


Letter of Credit

Letter of guarantee

Advance on export bills


Loan Term:

Minimum = 12 months   I   Maximum = 24 months


Grace Period

Up to six months


Lending Rate

10.5% with 0.5% service charge


Collateral Requirement

         Business or residential buildings;

         Vehicles specially for short-term loans;

         Bank or insurance guarantee;

         Life insurance policy;

         Own bank deposit or savings by the third party;

         Merchandise guarantee;

         Personal guarantee (business person) with good paying capacity;

         Other properties that can be registered and have the capacity to be pledged as collateral


Loan Eligibility Criteria

                                  Renewed business license;

                                  Presentation of Simplified Business Plan;

                                  Presentation of financial statements: balance sheet, income and cash flow statements (externally audited, if possible);

                                  Completed loan application form.

The Loan Application Form, among others, should include:

                                  Amount of loan requested;


                                  Purpose of the loan;

                                  Source of funds to recover the loan;

                                  Type of collateral needed; etc.


Add ional studies by the Bank:

         about personal character, past credit history, situation of business relationship with others, etc.


Who is Eligible for the Services of the Bank?


         Share Companies;

         Private Companies;

         Partnership organizations;

         Government and other development agencies;

         Legally registered associations,... etc.


Financing Micro and Small Enterprise Sector Operators

Any enterprise fulfilling the loan eligibility criteria can be financed.


Plan to avail loan fund to Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs)

The Bank has already financed one of the Micro Finance Institutions in the country.


Financing New Business Start-ups such as college graduates and school dropouts:  No


 (c) Savings Products



Type of Saving

Annual Deposit Rate


Demand/current A/C


Savings deposit


Time deposit


(d) Other Services

         Money Gram


Service Out-let

The services of the Bank are accessible through its branch offices.



P.O.Box:  12638 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone  : +251-1-614482-85

Fax :  +251-1-614477

E-mail : awash.bank@telecom.net.et




Finance-Home  I  Banks  I  Micro-Finance  I  Insurances


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