In gambling, there are a number of fairly simple basic concepts, just as there are different rules for each type of game, but the fundamental principle is practically the same for everyone.

Whether in Blackjack, Table Dice, or a Slot Machine each player makes a bet against the casino, known as the house, if the player loses the house he takes his money, if the player wins the house he pays, and that is how they basically work all the games.

A player must know the rules of the game he decides to play, and have basic knowledge of how a casino works, understand how they make money and become familiar with the concept of the “house advantage”, as well as the possibility of player Earn money even if the odds are not in your favor.

Although a large number of players express that they play to entertain and have fun, in reality, these are the second reasons why they do so since in reality, the main motivation to play is to win large amounts of money. However, the advantage of the house has become the biggest obstacle among people and realizes their dream of becoming millionaires.

In most casino games like Playamo,  it is likely to be achieved with the advantage of the house, which means that players do not enjoy large profits. However, Don Johnson, an expert Blackjack player, discovered a way to impose himself on the advantage of the house to obtain greater benefits. Let’s go around Don Johnson’s trump story during his games in Atlantic City

The player’s advantage

During the 90s, Don Johnson began to play, to continue earning millions of dollars with his plays. Always dressed in a hoodie, jeans and basketball cap, a look he has never abandoned. At first, his game was $25 bets per hand, and he can currently make thousands of bets per hand.

At Caesars Atlantic City in December of the year 2010, Johnson opted for thousands, earning more than 4.2 million. At that time Don heads to Borgata Casino to start playing Blackjack with higher bets per hand. However, achieving profits in Borgata was more difficult than in Caesars, however, Johnson earned $4.9 million for four months.

Complications in the Tropicana Atlantic City

Don Johnson reached a $9 million bankroll in May 2011 and decides to teach his Blackjack skills at Tropicana Atlantic City. Even when they knew about Johnson’s great success in Blackjack, they allowed him to bet $100,000 per hand in a 12-hour session.

A decision that had an unfavorable effect on the casino, as Don Johnson caused losses of $5.8 million to Tropicana Atlantic City, which means that he won $5.8 million playing at Tropicana.

As expected, the CEO of Tropicana was dismissed for having allowed Johnson bets per hand of up to $100,000. After such a loss, the Tropicana had to support 19.8% less than the previous year in revenue.

After the Tropicana incident, most news media focused their attention on discovering the strategies Don Johnson used in his success.

Nothing of Secrets

What is most striking in history is that Don Johnson managed to raise his funds to more than $15 million by beating the house advantage and not using the card recorder. Two Johnson said: “A large part of the people does not have a bankroll, and in the long run it was up to them that they defeated.

However, I have my own bankroll, and if you take control of the swings you will succeed. You also have to know math. ”

He also said that behind his improvement there is no trick or strategy. I really didn’t want to let you see what strategies you use. Johnson continued: “I think luck has been above any skill or strategy. It has not been magic, as it is to be expected, someone had to win and I thank God that it was me. ” He also added: “I have not cheated, with my skills I defeated them.”

Caesars Atlantic City, Borgata, and Tropical do not allow Don Johnson to enter their casino, just like other Las Vegas casinos. Don Johnson is not only an excellent Blackjack player, but he is also the CEO of a horse racing Software Company.

Split into two: If you play a pair, that is 2 cards with the same rank, you can separate them into two different hands. It is time to bet again, with a bet that is similar to the first.

You must participate to the dealer who is currently dividing your next bet next to the first bet in the betting wheel. You should not place the second bet on top of the original. You should not separate the cards.

Those who play at Playtech Casinos enjoy exclusive functionality that has been placed at the Live Blackjack dealer’s tables. This function called “Behind the seat” allows players to act as spectators in a live Blackjack game, being able to only watch or enter the game.

Occupy a seat

An interested player can take a virtual place at any time behind those who play live at the Blackjack table. As this function sounds are that a player “sits” on the back of the player who chooses and watches the game from his perspective.

This player who decides to be behind the chair can choose to continue with the player he is observing so that every move the player makes at the table is applied to the player behind. One can also be a player behind the chair of various players, and those who actively play at the table can also participate.