Introductory Note

This amazing game revolves around the lost folklore of Huangdi – Ancient China’s Yellow Emperor. The technologists at Microgaming created this video slot of 5 reels to rehash the legend of this Chinese icon and mythical figure popular throughout Asia. The game offers players 25 paylines and an interesting excursion into the rich cultural heritage and history of China.

As an online slot game, it has a good measure of interesting features including stacked symbols, expanding reels, wild wins and the useful Free Spins that will keep players enthralled. However, what players don’t really appreciate is the issue that its highest line bet multipliers is set at just a paltry 250x.

The Major Attraction

Reviewers of this game assert that unlike some other Chinese slot games, Huangdi – The Yellow Emperor does not have a bland storyline. Its storyline is great for learning some intrinsic attributes of Chinese history and tradition. Apart from this, it is easily adaptable to play on many devices including mobile devices. It loads quickly, the characters have good fluidity of movement, and lifelike qualities. Coupled with its many features and bonuses, it is every player’s dream game.

Features and Bonuses

These make for an interesting gameplay and include:

The Expanding Symbols

This game has a certain unique feature being that while playing the base game, if you succeed in landing a full stack on reel number 1, the matching symbols contained in the other reels usually expand thus offering you the opportunity for bigger wins.

The Free Spins

The Free Spins are activated when you are able to land about 3 or more golden dragon Scatters anywhere on the screen. This will guarantee you 15 Free Spins. During this round, the Wild symbol will be stacked on reel number 1. As has been previously highlighted, when this occurs, any other Wild symbol displayed will expand to increase your chances of scoring higher wins. When you land three or more Scatter symbols, more spin opportunities will be activated for you.

The Game Play

This slot machine game comes equipped with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It brings the mythical and iconic heroes of Ancient China back to life. It will instill a feeling of warfare and will create the exciting and satisfying feeling of achieving victory in a battle.

The graphics are fully developed and comprises of icons designed on 10-J basic card templates.  The high quality of the graphics brings life-like images of Huangdi, medicine boxes, Chinese instruments, and Huangdi’s swords. These are usually stacked on some specific reels.

The characteristic features of these symbols are as follows:

  • The Bronze Coin symbol: You can win anything between 20 coins and 50 coins (for every bet of 100).
  • The Silver Coin symbol: Gives you between 30 coins and 60 coins.
  • The Golden Coin symbol: You can win between 40 coins and 80 coins.
  • The Ornate Fan symbol: This one gives you between 100 coins and 200 coins.
  • The Knifed Orange symbol: Provides between 150 coins and 300 coins.
  • The Rose symbol: Winnings are between 200 coins and 1000 coins.

Having an opportunity to win this number of coins while being enlightened about the usually rich Chinese cultural elements are the things that make playing this slot game an entirely wholesome experience.

Other Selling Points

The features of this game that make it top the list for choice include the opportunity of hitting a credit jackpot worth 30,000 points. There is also the out-of-the-world gaming pleasure that is brought about by Microgaming’s insistence on high quality realistic effects.

These special symbols are usually distinctly displayed on any screen. The soundtrack is another feature that is worth mentioning. Some reviewers say it sounds monotonous, but how many games come with different soundtracks for every play.

On the aspect of winning prizes, there are a variety of ways through which you can do this. Worth considering is the Expanding symbol on the basic game. Each of the paying symbols stacked on reel number 1 expands the other symbols provided they form part of the winning combinations.

For the bonus game, Free Spins activate the expansion of the Wild symbols as well. The motto of the free slot is ‘Big Fortune’. Each slot machine has its unique winning possibilities. The Wild symbols will create the chance of being able to win credits reaching 1250 credits. The Scatter symbols provide winnings up to 12, 500 on the single symbol combination.

Historical And Cultural Values

Huangdi – The Yellow Emperor is of immense value to people that are interested in Chinese legends and folklore. This free online slot game will create real fun as they search for the mythical treasures of Ancient China. Coupled with the opportunity for big wins, it is a trip worth taking! To enjoy these thrills, simply log on to or just download the Microgaming Free Spins Casino slots.

Final Words

This game retains an enviable position on the list of oriental- themed slot games. Coupled with an RTP of about 95.48%, it is a must play!

Huangdi: The Yellow Emperor is different from your typical slot game in online games. It resembles a captivating chronicle, whirling players into the tapestry of ancient China’s intricate myths, vibrant culture, and historical marvels. Despite the line bet multiplier peaking at 250x—admittedly, on the lower side when juxtaposed against other games—players are not left wanting. The rich gamut of intriguing features and bonus rounds seamlessly uplifts the gaming experience.

Where some games’ narratives wane into mediocrity, this one flourishes. It presents an opportunity to glean vibrant and edifying fragments of Chinese history and traditions. The game caters to the modern, always-moving player, offering adaptability across multiple devices, including the ubiquity of mobile. These swift load times and fluid character animations create an immersive gaming landscape.

Huangdi: The Yellow Emperor’s true enchantment lies snugly within its features and bonuses. Notably, the Expanding Symbols act as a lure, tantalizing players with increased winning possibilities and an undercurrent of fevered anticipation. Similarly, the Free Spins feature—triggered by landing three or more golden dragon Scatters—has players riveted to their screens, their hearts aflutter at the prospect of potential windfalls.

The game fuses history and entertainment into an extraordinary tableau, breathing life into iconic ancient Chinese figures and themes. Enhanced by high-definition graphics and meticulously detailed illustrations, players are ensconced in enchanting realism. Some may find the soundtrack monotonous, yet its consistent rhythm complements the unfolding gameplay.

Winnings can be reaped via various avenues, with the key routes being the Expanding symbol and the Free Spins. It’s more than a game of chance—it encourages strategic maneuvers, requiring players to align the right combinations for victory. This engaging element, amplified by Microgaming’s high-quality effects, renders the gaming experience unforgettable.

While its multiplier might not be the loftiest, Huangdi – The Yellow Emperor isn’t merely about the numbers. It’s a slot game brimming with cultural richness and immersive entertainment. With a competitive RTP of roughly 95.48%, it beckons to those craving an oriental escapade punctuated by chances of bountiful wins. Indeed, it’s an adventure worth embarking on.