While it is generally accepted that offline gambling is a right of citizens in nearly every country, there are ethical concerns about online gambling. Thousands of people gamble in Las Vegas and at European casinos like Monaco each day. These businesses aren’t objectionable as the profits can be huge, and the governments can collect taxes to help solve social problems and pay for other expenses.

What arguments are there to consider relegating online gambling to the suspicious realm?

A few years back, one of the arguments was that criminals could use online casinos to transact illegal activities. Of course, this is possible, but criminal organizations can run an illicit online business selling digital books, web hosting, or travel.

Another opinion prevalent in circles condemning online gambling is that placing a bet via a computer or cell phone could lead to addictive behavior in many families and result in them falling into debt beyond their means. They are correct in many ways, but gambling addiction is more complicated than just having a computer nearby or a credit card in your wallet.

Online wine shopping has not made people more dependent on alcohol. However, they should consider this argument about excessive gambling debt seriously. Serious online gambling promoters don’t want to cause financial problems for their customers and visitors. Their sole objective is to provide entertainment to people with enough money without compromising their family’s future. The online gaming industry is still very young and does not have the proper regulations in most countries. A strong law must protect children, addicts, and family income.

The Simpsons Slot Machine

This is remarkable, considering that Simpsons have been around for almost 30 years, and no other game company has ever attempted to create an officially licensed slot for the show. With new technologies constantly being developed, branded slots have become a massive trend in recent years. Industry leaders WMS are now ready to face the most extensive TV program in the world with what they claim will be their most excellent casino game.

This game is a big success. It features a roaming scene structure reminiscent of IGT Avatar slots and a new cabinet with new features and next-generation gaming technologies like motion-sensing player interaction. Slot fans need not worry, as the classic free spins, wilds, and pick-win bonuses will still be available. However, they have been enhanced and flavored with audiovisuals from the Simpsons cast.


The Simpsons’ history began in 1987 with a series on Tracy Ullman. No one, not even the creator, could have imagined that rebel Bart and his dysfunctional suburban American families could become such an integral part of modern culture three decades later.

The show has won more awards than any other show. It also features a lot of controversies. Many actors compete for a spot on the show. This is a requirement for anyone who wants to be a celebrity legend.

WMS created a “game scape” cabinetry for the new Vegas game. It features 5x4k LCD screens that bring a graphics experience like none other on the casino floor. The central left- and suitable screens are matched by an enormous overhead monitor that envelopes the player in the game experience. A soundbar allows for full 3D sound in all directions without needing a bulky sound chair.

Gameplay takes place in different areas around the TV’s iconic set locations. Homer at the power station, Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart, and Moe’s Tavern are the most well-known and popular, as voted for by viewers. All spins are performed on the same 5×5 reel set full of Simpsons-themed pay symbols. These include all main characters and extra Simpson’s necessities like Homer’s pink sprinkled donuts and Duff beer. As a bonus symbol, wilds can change with every spin. This means you can include anything you want, from Itchy and Scratchy up to Marge.

The show’s theme tune is used as the music. Sound effects and bites are derived from past episodes and, in some cases, recorded for the show. As with the Ellen slots, a critical element that makes this collaboration successful is the fact the brand has contributed content to the game instead of leaving it up to the designers with only stock footage or stills.


WMS has various gameplay-focused ideas that WMS has offered to make the slot as fun to play as the TV series. The most important is the motion-sensing interaction between the player and the camera.

You will need to find four doughnuts to trigger the interactive free games. One doughnut per corner on the 5×5 reel set is required. If you succeed, the doughnut wheel bonus activates, and you can play as Homer tries to catch four different colored sprinkles from above the reels. The initial amount of spins is doubled by blue sprinkles, while green sprinkles add multipliers, sticky wilds, and white sprinkles allow for linked symbols. The sprinkle fall ends, and Homer takes a big bite to determine your allocation of spins.

You can also choose the catchphrases Bart will use in his latest prank call to win credit prizes. You can also scratch the motion sensor to get an instant win bonus. However, this bonus is not skill-based but simply an interactive random bonus.


This is one of our favorite slots, and it will also feature a large area progressive jackpot with winning severe potential. WMS still needs to finalize the game structure and bet values, but we expect the wager savers, bonus guarantees, and ways to win to be carried over from their existing catalog. We hope they do not remove any features from the current format.