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 The Ethiopian Textile and Garment Sector

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 Overview of the Textile Sector  [top]                                                                           

Text from: Theo van der Loop, Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Netherlands, Addis Ababa, 1/2003 Clothing and Footwear in the African Industrialisation. The case of Ethiopia, clothing.doc 336 KB


Type of Enterprises

Within the textile sector, the CSA (2002) distinguishes four types of establishments. The most numerous are the establishments involved in spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles, and they also have a relatively large average number of workers per establishment (776). The knitting mills and the wearing apparel manufacturers are much smaller in size. The two large establishments manufacturing cordage, rope, twine & netting are public enterprises. The proportion of public enterprises is overall (38%) much larger than in the leather sector (where it is only 13%). However, the differences are large: almost two-thirds of the enterprises in spinning, weaving & finishing of textiles are public, none of the relatively small knitting mills, and only 16% of wearing apparel establishments. Even more significantly, the minority of public enterprises have created much more employment, i.e. 66.8% of the employees. Public establishments dominate in the areas of: gross value of production in textile; wages and salaries, as well as numbers of employees in both textile and leather.


 Industrial Establishment for the year 1999/2000





Textile fabrics









Employment for the year 1999/2000




Textile fabrics






An overview of the kind of products produced and the changes in quantity over a number of years (1992 2000)
shows that some of the products are on the increase and peaked recently (in 1998/99 or 1999/2000), such as lint cotton, woollen and other blankets, wearing apparel (except leather), and, significantly, sewing thread and embroidery. Others are fairly stable with respect to the volume of production, such as cotton and nylon fabrics, cotton yarn, and gunny bags. Quite a number of products are clearly on the decrease, such as acrylic yarn, waste cotton blankets, bed sheets, shirts, carpets, leather wearing apparel and sweaters. Lastly, hosieries seem to mark rather large production peaks and lows, settling for a medium level in 2000.

Export of textile products does not figure even among the top 10 export products of Ethiopia. In 2000/01 the value of exports of textile, clothing and apparel was 28.8 million Birr and ranked 12th (CSA 2002a). In spite of the importance of the textile sector to the nation, its development has been constrained over the years by many factors. Some of the problems faced by the textile enterprises some five years ago are still persisting, such as overly bureaucratic rules and regulations, lack of modern technology, inconvenient bank rules and procedures, and poor infrastructure (Taye 1997). In a recent forum on the status of the textile and garment industry, representatives of the government and the business community concluded that nowadays the major problems responsible for the deteriorating condition of this industry are: mismanagement, financial constraints, impediments posed by the contraband trade and scarcity of spare parts (Tamiru 2002).

For the future, Ethiopia is fortunate in that it has the potential to provide the basic production factors to the textile sector. Firstly, the sector highly depends on cotton, and sufficient quantities of this raw material are being produced in Ethiopia; however, the quality leaves much to be desired. There are two broad categories of cotton in Ethiopia, i.e. Selam from the Gondar region in the Northwest of the country, and Awash from the Awash region in the East. There are different grades within each category, but in general Awash is of a better quality. Factories usually use a mix of the different types of cotton. Secondly, the manufacturing is labour intensive, and the country has a relatively large labour force; although textile is mainly done by un- or semi-skilled labour, skilled manpower is also required, such as electricians, managers, accountants, and marketing experts.


 Companies and Products [top]                                                                                   

Brown companies are public companies  -  Green companies are private companies


Awassa Textile Share Company

Tel 251-06-200202/155249/206343,
Fax 251-06-205506

Bahir Dar Textile Share Company

Tel 251-08-200455/09-824988/08-200104,
Fax 251-08-202012

Dire Dawa Textile Share Company

Tel 251-09-320054/05-113488/89,09-320039, Fax 251-05-110583

Arbaminch Textile Share Company

Tel 251-09-218748/06-810406,
Fax 251-06-810404

Kombolcha Textile Share Company

Tel 251-03-511676/09-216836/513797,
Fax 251-1-510266/511771

Akaki Garment Share Company

Tel 251-1-340407/340490/09-207459

Ethio-Japanese Synthetic Textiles share company

Tel 251-09/202385/513476/513333/16,
Fax 251-1-515077

Akaki Textile Share Company

Tel 251-09-220457/340154,
Fax 251-1-340222/341666

Gulele Garment Share Company

Tel 251-1-702101/702005, Fax 251-1-702953

Addis Garment Share Company

Tel 251-09-221791/712200, Fax 251-1-710077

Edget Garment Factory

Tel 251-1-556359/09-204114

Nazareth Garment Share Company

Tel 251-02-113361, Fax 251-1-124234

Almeda Textile factory

Tel 251-1-515938/09-208621, Fax 51-1-517442

yarn, poplin, sheeting, canvas single jersey, work cloths terry towels, T-shirt, trousers

Maa Garment

Tel. 251-1-520576/09-214998,
Fax 251-1-520677, email

garment, knitted cloth


Tel. 251-1-729124/23, Fax 251-1-511871, email

boxer, shirt, napkin

Ras Dashen Textile Factory

Tel 251-09-200653+293167, Fax 251-1-294162, email

garment, polo/T-shirt,

Knit to finish

Tel 251-09-20227

garment, sport wear

Mulat Garment

Tel 251-09-406833/403615, Fax 251-1-403614, email
garment, woven/knitted fabric,

Elthabet Garment
Tel 251-09-703301/400631, Fax 251-1-779421

knitted fabric, garment, T-shirt

Ambassador Garment

Tel 251-1-461427/09-606292, Fax 251-1-461442, email

garment, knitted fabric

Samuel Garment
Tel 251-09-201760,

garment, knitted fabric

Wawe Int. Garment

jeans, T-shirt

Tel 251-1-157756, Fax 251-1-403338,

Ethabe Inter Garment
Tel 251-1-523691/512106, Fax 251-1-511662, email

medical garment, children shirt

Sonya Garment

Tel 251-1-235402, Fax 251-1-150683

rain coat, trousers

Oasis Abysisinia PLC

Tel 251-09-204884/555968, Fax 251-1-553871, email


Haile Garment

Tel 251-09-206243, Fax 251-1-728787


Shala Garment

Tel 251-1-558455/09-228396,
Fax 251-1-558461


GG Super Garment

Tel 251-09-211135/292329/30, Fax 251-1-293123, email



Luis Garment

Tel 251-1-525285, Fax 251-1-536072, garment

Ethos Garment

Tel 251-1-210633, garment

Unise Garment

Tel 251-09-402367/403450, Fax 251-1-403447

sport wears


Miliyon General Garment

Tel 251-1-506578, Fax 251-1-506595



Sara Garment

Tel 251-1-611687/630801, Fax 251-1-630802, email handlooms


DH geda

Tel 251-1-638153/638154, Fax 251-1-638162

acleric fiber


Tesfaye Garment

Tel 251-09-203957, Fax 251-1-711023



Spectrum Business Group

Tel 251-1-557328, Fax 251-1-557328,
email garment


Progress Garment

Tel 251-1-460917/613904, Fax 251-1-460857



Yoni Garment

Tel 251-1-211329/30/09-209659,
Fax 251-1-405923, email

sports wear



Tel 251-1-159015, Fax 251-1-519949



Concept Ethiopia

Tel 251-09-240978 garment


Africa Cotton

Tel 251-09-221149


Leykun Garment
Tel 251-09-621293 garment


Zefmashe PLC

Tel 251-09-219396, Fax 251-1-463835,
email garment


Novaster Garment PLC

Tel 251-1-252078/09-648583,
Fax 251-1-638279

men, women and children garment


Kuta Garment

Tel 251-09-237491 jeans and T-shirts


Addis Izmir Textile Factory

Nazrawi Garment S.Co.


Yarn and Sewing Threads

Edget Yarn and Sewing Thread Factory

Tel 251-09-202041/711988, Fax 251-1-713855

Adei Abeba Yarn Share Company

Tel 251-09-207573/423455/420618,
Fax 251-1-405120

Meher Fiber Products Factory

Tel 251-1-340312, Fax 251-1-340201



Middle Awash Agricultural Development Share Company

Tel 251-1-158190/525606/02-114588,
Fax 251-02-114593

Tendaho Agricultural Development share Company

Tel 251-03-560026/514113, Fax 251-03-513651

Amibara Agricultural Development Share Company

Tel 251-1-150047/150036, Fax 251-1-150040

Gawane Agricultural Development Share Company

Tel 251-09-207601/09-224167/638482,
Fax 251-1-638484

Shoa Ginner Company

Gondar Ginner Factory



Menbis Design
Tel 251-1-638190/09-214287handlooms

Trio Kraft

Tel 251-1-400752, Fax 251-1-632232,
email  handlooms

GIG Ethiop importe export

Tel 251-1-167559, Fax 251-1-169496,
email  handlooms

Major Textile and Garment Exporting Enterprises

Awassa Textile S.Co., Awassa
Tel. 251-06-200202/155249/206343
, Fax 251-06-205506

Kobolcha Textile S.Co, Kobolcha
Tel. 251-03-511676/09-216836
, Fax. 251-1-510266/511771 (Addis Ababa office)

Almeda Textile S.Co.

Addis Izmir Textile Factory, Dire Dawa
Tel. 251-09-320054/05-113488/89,09-320039
, Fax 251-05-110583

Garment Express


Production and Export Capacity of Major Ethiopian Enterprises


 Business Associations [top]                                                                                   


Ethiopian Textile and Garment Industry Association

P.O. Box 11901 Addis Ababa, Tel Mobile, Fax


National Federation of Textile, Leather and Garment Industry Trade Unions

P.O. Box 6983 Addis Ababa, Tel., mobile, Fax



 Textile Training Centers  [top]                                                                                      

Source: Addis Ababa Education Bureau

Merry Mazzarelo College
Tel. 251-1-728162, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Entoto TVET College
Tel. 251-1-238765, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Technical College
Tel. 251-1-515475, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

General Wingate TVET College
Tel. 251-1-792250, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Higher 12 middle level TVET Center
Tel. 251-1-140145/46
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Higher 4 middle level TVET Center
Tel. 251-1-763713/14, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Higher 7 middle level TVET Center
Tel. 251-1-763806-08, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Higher 20 middle level TVET Center
Tel. 251-1-653805/06, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nifas Silk middle level TVET Center
Tel. 251-1-402171, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

MisraK middle level TVET Center
Tel. 251-1-181949/610392, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


 Export Markets  [top]                                                                                                      

Center for the Promotion of Imports of Developing Countries (CBI)  Exporters - Importers - Business Supporters
he Centre for the Promotion of Imports From Developing Countries (CBI) is an Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dutch Government, created in 1971. It has three target groups: Medium sized exporters from developing countries, Export Promotion agencies (TPOs), and European importers. In order to accomplish its mission CBI concentrates on five core competencies.
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European Union Trade Promotion Website

The European Union (EU) launched a online helpdesk to provide information on exporting products to the European markets.
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Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency


Berlinkauf. Business Exchange. International Trade Market. Trade News


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Import/Export - Guide


One Trade World Market Place


Alibaba. The directory of buyers by Industry. Database on how  find your buyers.
All categories of textile and leather products


The Import-Export Help Buy/Sell Exchange is the largest source of international trade leads, and tender opportunities from companies and government organizations around the world.

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List of major countries importing leant cotton
(Source: Comprehensive Cotton Development Plan, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2004)

Pakistan, India, Greece, Djibouti, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Sirilanka, China, Brazil, Japan, Pakistan, Portugal, Sudan, Morocco, Thailand, Denmark, Indonesia, Yemen, Turkey, Switzerland, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Korea republic, Russia Federation, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Tunisia,

List of major countries importing Ethiopian leant cotton
Pakistan, India, Greece, Djibouti, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Sirilanka, Thailand, Denmark, Indonesia, Yemen, Turkey, Switzerland, Vietnam, Italy

List of major Cotton exporting Countries in the World
(Source: Comprehensive Cotton Development Plan, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2004)

United States of America, Australia, Greece, Mali, Egypt, Paraguay, Sudan, India, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Syria, Benin, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, Ethiopia


Japanese Trade Fair Information. Free online business partnering database that allows companies and individuals around the world to search and browse through over 40,000 business proposals. More details see under Links


E-Trade Center. Looking for business contacts. This is a market place for searching and offering business contacts around the world in different sectors.


FITA. Federation of International Trade Associations.
European Business Directory. International Trade Directory. Advertising Opportunities. Calendar of Trade Events. 
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Premier International Business to Business Trade Portal with the most complete foreign trade, import and export information! FREE services for importers, exporters & trade shows organizers. Directories of Importers and Exporters, of Freight Transporters, Embassies and Consulates, Market Research Tools Trade terms and Codes, Measurements and Conversions.


 Supply Markets  [top]                                                                                                     


TexData. Technical Database for the Textile Industry

The best of the textile equipment supply databases. Textile machinery suppliers world wide.


WLW (Wer liefert was? - Who delivers what?)


Who makes Machinery in Germany


GEPTEX. Second hand textile machinery


Resale. Second hand textile machinery


 Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in the Textile Sector  [top]                                         

All Textile and Fashion Trade Fairs under

Complete exhibitor and visitor information, full address and contacts and organizer details

  • Industrial Fairs, Fashion shows, Events, Seminars and Conferences, Gifts and article Fairs

Heimtextil (Home Textile) - Textile Fairs worldwide


Textile Fairs Calendar 2005 Worldwide
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FairCalendar_May2005.pdf  300 KB


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