How you will spend your day lying on the bed. Last month I was suffering from the severe fever. Doctors advised me bed rest of one week. You can imagine how that person will spend their week on the bed that never stops. He stopped only at night at the time of sleeping. I am an employee of a software company. As you know that the software industry never sleeps. You have to ready 24*7 to work. So, I am also running in that race of working night and day on the laptop. The laptop is the important aspect my life like the body organ. Now you can imagine how you can live a week without essential body organ. Like that I am feeling lying on the bed. After 2-3 rest on the bed I was feeling bored on the bed. So, I asked for my cell phone. After giving some time over the Facebook, I started searching for some fun and entertainment over the internet. There are lots of varieties of fun and entertainment displayed there. I selected the option of the online poker. The website I choose to provide me a large variety of games.

My eyes struck on the Winning wizards whose popup box is continuously appearing on my screen. After clicking there I reached to a page showing a slot machine. That machine consists of 5 pay line and 5 reels. After taking a glance of it, it will appear to you like any other casino. But the best thing about this is a jackpot of 10000 coins. Firstly I go through the playing rules. They are not too much complicated, just simple like the other roulette. I started playing this. But before starting the play I need the coins. But they made my way easy by providing the free bonus coins. What I have to do is to just make my bet and pray that luck will make the winning combination. But my luck is not with me. I am not able to win the prize. I tried my luck 4-5 times, but not able to win. But I enjoyed a lot. At the last point of the play won 500 coins. This boosted my morale. That site is providing mobile application also. I downloaded that and keep it for the further use. This application helped me a lot to pass my time at the bed. I easily passed my time with my new friend in the name of mobile application. I am also insisting you to try this for one time.